Adipharm was founded in 1994 and more than ten years by now care about the health of people. The main activities of the company are:
– manufacturing and marketing of medicines without receipt and medicines with receipt (RX);
– manufacturing and marketing of nutrition supplements.

The company has a brand new factory for medical products designed and built in absolute harmony with the present requirements for Good Manufacturing Practice.

The factory is equipped with modern machinery of the newest generation which is located in rooms with controlled parameters of the working environment and with manufacturing capacity for wide-range of solid dosed forms: tablets, drops and capsules.


The new technologies are developed with the cooperation of scientific teams from research centers, universities and institutes in the country and abroad as well as in cooperation with European and American companies. The company products are well accepted at the local market and more and more successfully recognized at the foreign markets.


Adipharm accomplishes drug manufacturing by strictly following the required operations and in conformity with the standard procedures. The activities of Adipharm related to the production process of medicines lead to manufacturing of high quality products in conformance to the manufacturing permission and products registration.


The company tries to develop trade activity not only on the Bulgarian market, but also on various international markets, constantly satisfying the growing needs of the customer. In the last years, over 10% of the production of Adipharm is realized on foreign markets.